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Seppi Esfandi is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Signal Hill with extensive experience representing clients accused of domestic violence, felony convictions overturned, and sexual abuse. With more than 20 years of criminal law practice under his belt, he has the skills to represent you from start to finish. Contact Seppi Esfandi today to set up an appointment for your next consultation. Seppi Esfandi is a Domestic Violence Lawyer who works tirelessly on cases involving assault against men or women by their significant other such as charges related to spousal battery and child endangerment resulting from alleged acts of domestic violence committed by one spouse upon another. Domestic violence can be defined as any form of physical force within the context of an intimate relationship. It is an act by a spouse or ex-spouse that results in bodily injury, pain, and/or discomfort. Today’s blog will help you understand what domestic violence charges you may be up against if arrest took place for any of these offenses:

Domestic Violence Signal Hill – Protect Your Rights

Do you enjoy taking part in the right to vote every November? Are you a gun owner who enjoys their self protection or the ability to hunt? Do you like to travel internationally? If the answer to any of those or all of those questions was yes you need to listen up. A negative outcome in any sort of domestic violence case will put all of those personal liberties in jeopardy. Seppi Esfandi is the Domestic Violence Signal Hill attorney that you need to keep all of your liberties in good standing. I have a great track record of delivering wins and cases dismissed when no other attorney would want to touch the case.

We should sit down and discuss your case so I can find the best defense perfectly suited to your case. Many of the times Domestic Violence Signal Hill cases can be thrown out for no evidence of if a witness no longer wants to comply and testify against you. If you have already been charged you will be unable to contact your accuser but we at the law firm can. If we can convince your accuser to drop the case and write a letter saying they will not testify and that they want the case over usually speaking that is enough to get the district attorney to budge.

If that simply not an option we have other ways to get your case thrown out. Procedure errors from the police and a litany of other issues can make the case go away in a hurry. No matter the specifics of your case we will work with you to make sure you get the best outcome and that your rights are protected. I Seppi Esfandi has a winning record when it comes to Domestic Violence Signal Hill cases and can’t wait to add you to our winning record. Lets get started today on your legal defense. We would love to hear from you.

Domestic Violence Signal Hill – Penal Codes

Seppi Esfandi is also an accomplished Assault Attorney who works tirelessly on cases involving misdemeanor assault charges including domestic violence and family offense restraining order violations which are punishable by up to six months in jail if convicted plus fines associated with the crime. He can help anyone charged with this type of criminal defense because he understands how stressful it is when facing these types of charges and we can help you make the right moves to mitigate these disasters. Esfandi Law Group is your number 1 Domestic Violence Signal Hill attorney. Give us a call today and we will make sure that you get the Domestic Violence Signal Hill defense that you need to prevail. We look forward to hearing from you asap as time of the essence to get started with your defense.

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