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The Corporal Injury law is also referred to as spousal abuse. It involves any act that intentionally inflicts a physical injury on an intimate partner or domestic relation.

The punishment for the crime of Corporal Injury can vary widely, depending on the facts of your case. In order for you to be convicted, the prosecution must prove each of the following against you:

You willfully inflicted physical force against a spouse/intimate partner or cohabitant. The force was so great that it resulted in serious bodily injury lasting more than 7 days and fractured bones AND You actually intended to inflict such injuries OR knew they would be likely to occur from acting in such a manner

If your case involved some form of self defense, then you are not guilty of the crime.

A domestic disturbance can be a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the seriousness of the injuries you inflicted.

Domestic Violence Attorney Sierra Madre – Don’t Lose Your God Given Rights

One of the most often overlooked results or negative results from a domestic violence case is you might lose certain unalienable rights. If you enjoy shooting guns or keep them for home defense. You just might be asked to turn you guns in. California has certain red flag laws and you bet your bottom dollar that applies to those who commit domestic violence. We can help you keep your gun rights as well as many other rights that you stand to lose from a negative outcome in a DV case.

If your job requires you to travel to other countries such as Canada or even Mexico you might be asked to stay out of their country. We here about cases like this every day. You might be able to eventually expunge your case if you are found guilty but wouldn’t it be easier to avoid that mess completely. If you are convicted of a felony case you will stand to face to lose even more rights. I Seppi Esfandi can help you avoid this nightmare all together. I have an amazing track record of getting cases dismissed.

You will be amazed to hear that your case is dismissed and you can get back to living. Now that is money well spent. Domestic Violence cases will haunt you for years and years. Anytime you go into find a job you can assure yourself that you will be passed over for a less qualified candidate with no criminal record. Please I urge you don’t let a few careless mistakes ruin the course of your life. All of this can and should be avoided by simply hiring the correct domestic violence attorney Sierra Madre law firm.

Domestic Violence Attorney Sierra Madre – Penal Codes

If your case involved some type of self defense, then you are not guilty of the crime. There are three types of corporal injury cases- first degree (serious bodily injury), second degree (substantial bodily injury and/or you actually intended to inflict such injuries) and third degree (no serious bodily injury).

If the case is filed as a misdemeanor, then you face up to one year in jail and fines reaching $6,000. If it is filed as a felony however, then it carries two to four years in prison and a maximum fine $6,000. You must also pay for your victim’s medical expenses.

The punishment for Corporal Injury is serious because, by definition, it causes bodily injury that results in a “traumatic condition.” This can include injuries such as:

A concussion; A bone fracture You know about the victim’s susceptibility to these injuries- due to age or health conditions The injury was caused willfully and did not result from an accident

Other variables involved in sentencing are:

Whether you have been previously convicted of this crime Whether you inflicted the consented upon infliction of force against a spouse/intimate partner or cohabitant Were there any special circumstances (i.e. the crime was committed with a weapon) Were there any prior convictions involving your spouse?

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