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Domestic Violence South El Monte cases can be a real pain for the rest of your life inf not handled correctly. If you or someone you know has been charged with an assault crime in Los Angeles County, it’s important to understand the charges and what your legal options are. We’re a domestic violence lawyer firm that provides services for all of LA county and beyond. Our team is comprised of experts who have many years of experience in this specific area of law. Contact us today by calling Esfandi Law Group (844)776-5291so we can get started on building your defense!

PC 273.53 is the specific California law for corporal injury on an intimate partner or child battery in a domestic relationship and it can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances of your case. Your possible penalties depend upon which type of charge you face (a misdemeanor or felony) and whether this is your first offense under this section within seven years of another conviction under Penal Code Section 243(e)(d). A violation that occurs after one prior domestic violence related criminal court conviction with no further violations will result in a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year incarceration in county jail and/or fines reaching $2000 dollars; however, if there are more than two convictions arising from separate incidents occurring over any ten-year period, the offense is a felony punishable by up to four years incarceration in California State Prison and/or fines reaching $6000.

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The optimal outcome for your case would be a case dismissed. The reason case dismissed we consider better than prevailing at trial is that the case looks like it never even had enough evidence to get brought to trial. We have a very vast and deep track record of wins in domestic violence court. Seppi Esfandi is the right person to defend you in court and at pretrial hearings. Seppi Esfandi has a lifetime winning record when it does to trial. Generally speaking many of Seppi Esfandi’s cases never even make it to court. Seppi Esfandi has a real good working relationship with the district attorney of South El Monte. If we are able to reach out to your accuser and get them to draft a letter stating that they no longer wish to testify and would like the charges to be dropped generally speaking the DA will be more than enthused to drop the case. Lack of evidence is one of the many ways we can throw doubt into the mix. The worst thing that could happen is a negative outcome in regards to your Domestic Violence South El Monte case. Cases like this even the misdemeanor and not the felony cases can still bring tons of backlash when you go to get a job. One of the more common effects is when you try to border cross to lets say Norway or Canada they might not let you in at all. As tragic as it sounds we here about it all of the time. Remove these hurdles from your life by avoiding it all together. If you like your right to vote and enjoy taking part in your right to vote every 2 or 4 years you will need to protect yourself from ending up with a felony charge. Not only voting but you could lose your gun rights. Don’t waste a single second clearing your name. Call us today and we will get started mounting your legal defense and we will make sure you get the best deal or the case dismissed outright.

– PC 243(e)(d) states that any person who commits an assault upon their spouse or former spouse shall be punished with imprisonment in county jail for not more than one year if they are deemed guilty of inflicting corporal injury on them; this includes causing traumatic conditions such as bruises, swelling, cuts etc. This charge applies to any type of violence against your partner where there was no use of weapons (firearms included). It can also apply even when you do not touch your victim so long as it results from threatening behavior which causes them immediate fear due to intimidation and duress via words alone. Call Esfandi Law Group today for all of your domestic violence South El Monte Needs

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