Domestic Violence Lawyer La Puente

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Puente

Hire an honest and reliable DV Attorney. Seppi Esfandi Is La Puentes premier criminal defense attorney.

It is important to realize that Domestic Violence affects people of all backgrounds: rich and poor, male and female. Domestic Violence usually occurs within the confines of a home, so it is hidden from the public eye. Often times Domestic Violence victims are too afraid or embarrassed to admit that they’re being abused, this allows abusers to retain power over their victims without remorse. Don’t let fear stop you from seeking justice if you’re in an abusive relationship. Domestic violence lawyers can help you get back control over your life by helping prosecute your abuser and protect you during divorce proceedings (if applicable). Domestic Violence law falls under criminal law therefore it’s extremely beneficial for defendants to hire an attorney early on in their case.

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Puente – Experienced Defense of Tough Cases

No matter how tough your case is we believe it can be won. We have more experience than any other domestic violence attorney around. We have over 2 decades of winning cases and getting tough cases thrown out. We will do whatever it takes to make sure that justice is doled out in your case. We have a great relationship with the LA county district attorney. We know the types of cases they are looking to prosecute. Once we sit down for a our free consultation with you and we hear the facts.

We will be able to let you know where you stand in a honest and fair assessment of your case. Chances are you cases facts can be presented in a way that will make the DA want to turn and run. We have a large variety of expert testimony who can attest the reasons behind your case and how your case is different than other similar cases. The pandemic saw a rise in Domestic violence unlike any other years. We will let the judge know your exact situation and how you are not a threat to anyone. We generally speaking can resolve your cases before they ever to go trial. We will do whatever we can to protect your personal rights. A very common question we are asked it what separates us from other domestic violence lawyers. The answer is quite simple. No one cares about your DV case the way we do. We always go the extra mile to make sure that justice is served. Remember that if you lose your case their will be tons of negative implications in your life. Our first and foremost goal is have you avoid jail time from there we want you to avoid having any of your rights forfeited. If you are convicted of a felony DV case chances are you will lose your right to own a fire arm. If you already own a firearm you can be rest assured that the LAPD or the Sheriff will ask you to surrender those fire arms. We can help you avoid this today by simply giving us a call and getting started.

With the economy suffering more than ever before more and more people are committing or finding themselves a victim of Domestic Violence. Seppi Esfandi and Esfandi Law Group can help you no matter how big or small the problem is. Domestic Violence has no prejudice, it does not see age, color nor race. Domestic violence is an equal opportunity crime and Seppi Esfandi can help you get justice. Domestic Violence is a growing problem in America and a Domestic Violence attorney like Seppi Esfandi will be able to offer more insight into the Domestic Violence Lawyer La Puente area. We hope to hear from you soon and help you out any way we can. Domestic Violence is not something that should be taken lightly, Seppi Esfandi is the Domestic Violence Lawyer La Puente area families can trust.

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Seppi Esfandi has practiced law for over 20 years and is recognized as an expert in the field of Domestic Violence. If you need a Domestic Violence lawyer call Seppi Esfandi today!


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