Domestic Violence Lawyer La Mirada

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Mirada

Seppi Esfandi and Esfandi Law Group are no stranger to domestic violence cases in La Mirada. We help domestic violence victims every single day. No other attorney knows the industry quite like Seppi Esfandi.

In the state of California, Penal Code Section 591.5 (also known as a “Gun-Free School Zone Act”) makes it unlawful to carry or possess a deadly weapon on school grounds while Committed Against His/Her Will In Domestic Violence Situation . The elements of this crime are: the defendant carried and possessed a concealed firearm in violation of PC 626.9(a) where notice is given that entry was forbidden; the firearm was upon his/her person or within his/her immediate control; there was an elementary school which had posted signs prohibiting bringing firearms inside; the defendant knew that he/she could not bring a firearm into school grounds because they were posted with “no weapons allowed” signs; the defendant brought a firearm onto school grounds while Committed Against His/Her Will In Domestic Violence lawyer La Mirada.

Domestic violence is unlawful in California. PC 236 makes it illegal to force anyone to stay in a one-room dwelling or any other location against their will with the use of force, criminal threats and/or menacing behavior. The elements of this crime are: the defendant used force, threats, menace or fraud; that force was used against someone whose relationship with the defendant was close enough to qualify as domestic violence under Penal Code Section 13700(a) and (b); that person did not consent; the act which caused them to be detained occurred when they were committed against his/her will in domestic violence situation Committed Against His/Her Will In Domestic Violence Situation ; and the defendant knew of the school’s no firearm policy.

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Mirada – Protect Your Future

If you are charged with a domestic violence case we know how stressed you can be. Stress is what most likely lead to the original domestic violence case. We are here to help remove it and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. The longer your case sits on the DA’s desk chances are he will want to bring it to trial. Our goal is always to make your case disappear before it even gets that far. If you have DV Case against you currently you will be unable to speak to your accuser however we will be able to. Generally speaking a signed letter from the accuser stating that they don’t want the case to continue will usually budge the DA off the case against you. This is an optimal defense as you get to keep all of your rights intact. If this type of scenario is not available to you for any reason we also have other alternative defenses that can be affirmed and have the DA drop the case as quickly as possible. We hope to hear from you soon and get started planning your defense.


In some cases, a person may be charged with violation of Section 591.5 even if this law was not violated in fact. For instance, if you take a gun with you on your way to drop off your child at school, you may be charged in violation of PC 626.9 because it is clear that you had possession or control over the firearm while driving through a “no weapon zone” (i.e., when dropping off and picking up your child). And unlike PC 626.9 where it is illegal to carry an unloaded firearm on your person for any reason than transporting it between specified locations. Seppi Esfandi is the leader when it comes to Domestic Violence Lawyer La Mirada proceedings. You will not be able to find a better  advocate to fight on your behalf.

Domestic violence charges may be added to a variety of related crimes. For instance, domestic violence charges are commonly added to cases such as Penal Code Section 246 (shooting at an inhabited dwelling), PC 217 (assault with a deadly weapon) and PC 245 (assault with a firearm). There are also additional laws which prohibit battery against the person who one is in a dating relationship or used to cohabitate. If any of these offenses occur during the commission of another offense, such as kidnapping, the prosecution can add domestic violence charges onto that crime, even if it is not listed in the allegation.


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