Domestic Violence Lawyer La Verne

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Verne

Domestic Violence is a real issue and it can affect nearly everyone, even those who are in privileged positions. Domestic violence happens between intimate partners or family members. Domestic violence also occurs regardless of gender – domestic violence against women doesn’t happen just to women; men can be victims as well. Domestic violence affects both sexes disproportionately, however: domestic violence lawyer La Verne Seppi Esfandi says that three women a day die at the hands of their partner in the United States alone.

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Verne – A Pandemic of Domestic Violence

It is safe to say that the covid-19 pandemic made life for everyone much harder. Due to the pandemic domestic violence cases in La Verne were at an all time high over the past 2 years. We will do whatever we can to make sure that this rough patch of years doesn’t stick to you and follow you around for the rest of your life. Due to the covid 19 pandemic spouses were taking at on each other in acting irrationally.  If this sounds like your case would love to hear from you.  If the special legal defense revolving around covid 19 pandemic and its affect on the home.  Is it really your fault if you’re unable to pay your rent because are businesses closed and you’re legally bound to stay indoors.

Know not really an actually these types circumstances are what caused the increase of domestic violence across our city. However these charges are rational as they are should be taken seriously because if you lose and are convicted of a felony domestic violence case you’ll lose many of your rights.  You’ll no longer be able to own a firearm in the state of California.  If you’re lookin’ to travel will be stopped every time you cross the border and asked to explain these charges to someone you’ve never met in your life so they can assess to you if you’re a threat to their country.  This can make traveling with friends difficult it to make traveling with new lovers quite uncomfortable.We want you to know the first and foremost you’re not alone will be here with you every step of the way to make sure that justice is served.  Please give us a call today


What Is Domestic Violence? Domestic abuse includes physical abuse such as hitting and biting, non-physical abuse such as ignoring, coercion such as threats to hurt children or pets and isolation by keeping one from friends, work etc. Domestic Violence Lawyer Seppi Esfandi will not stop here but he has a lot to say about Domestic Violence.

Who Are Domestic Violence Victims? Domestic violence does not discriminate; it can affect anyone from any background, race and school of thought. Domestic violence victimizes members of all races, nationalities and religions. It happens among heterosexual couples and in same-sex relationships alike. Domestic violence doesn’t care what kind of job you have or how much money you make – even if your partner earns more than you do, there is no respect for such things in domestic abuse situations. Domestic Violence Lawyer La Verne LA will tell some interesting information about Domestic Violence too.

So What Is the Relationship Between Domestic Violence and Wealth? Income does not prevent or protect one from domestic violence; in fact, it might even be a bigger problem for those with higher incomes. A lot of people are living in financial stress these days. For victims who have children and/or dependents that rely on them, if they lose their job, it could be devastating to everyone in the family. If someone is being abused by his or her partner (a spouse), income disparity between the two parties may cause added strain to what is already an abusive situation – domestic violence lawyer La Verne Seppi Esfandi has much more information about this topic too.

Although there are exceptions, many individuals do not seek out lawyers or Domestic Violence Lawyer La Verne. If you need to speak to an Domestic Violence Lawyer La Verne expert then Seppi Esfandi is your attorney. He will be able to guide you through some very tough times and make it all a breeze.


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