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Attorney Esfandi has been practicing Domestic Violence Law for over 20 years. He’s seen his share of Domestic Violence cases, and he knows how to help you win your case. Let him be your Domestic Violence lawyer Irwindale today! We have more experience than any other law firm around and we have the highest win rate around as well. When you go with Esfandi Law Group. Domestic Violence can ruin homes and be a stain on your record for the rest of your life there is only way out. Go with the law firm which is known for delivering results every time.

We really value our customers. Domestic Violence cases can be complicated and it’s important to have a Domestic Violence lawyer that understands the law, in addition to knowing how Domestic violence treatment programs work. We know what you’re going through – we’ve been there too! Let Esfandi Law Group help you win your case today. Give us a call today and lets get started planning your legal defense. We hope you will let us be the ones to win this case for you. We’ll fight for you until the end. Domestic Violence cases can be difficult, but we will help you through it all!

Domestic Violence Lawyer Irwindale – Protect Your Rights

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take your domestic violence case very seriously.  If you were to lose your domestic violence case you’ll be kissing many of your rights goodbye.  First of all its talk about your employment status many people will not be willing to employ someone who’s been convicted of felony domestic violence.  Each time you go to look for a new job you’ll be prodded and probed and asked questions about your domestic violence case.  This can feel like reliving it over and over and over again in to make things quite uncomfortable around office.  If you enjoy owning a gun to be losing that luxury as well your second amendment right although protected can be revoked for situations such as these. If you own a firearm you can be rest assured that you’ll be us to turn that down over to the sheriff for the L.a. County police.  If you’re the type of person who loves to travel every single time you go to cross the border you ought to discuss are domestic violence case.  Some countries won’t even allow you access will assist on your permanent record.  We can avoid all that by making to your cases thrown out as quickly as possible Will do whatever is required to make sure that your cases thrown out and your rights have been protected.  With the winning record and always clever way to make sure that justice is served in all of our cases.  Please give us a chance to represent you will be happy with our outcome.  We can usually get cases thrown out and fees and jail time avoided.

Domestic Violence cases are complicated and you need Domestic Violence lawyers that have experience. You can count on us! We’ll fight for what’s right, we understand the law in Domestic violence cases, and know how Domestic Violence treatment programs work. If you’re looking to hire a Domestic Violence lawyer in Irwindale then you’ve come to the right place! Give Esfandi Law Group your case today – let us help win it for you.

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Call now: (844)776-5291 or visit our website at to learn more. Domestic Violence cases are complicated and it’s important you hire a Domestic violence lawyer that understands the law in addition to knowing how Domestic Violence treatment programs work! We know what your going through, we’ve been there too – let us help win this case for you today. Give Esfandi Law Group your Domestic Violence case now – we’ll fight until the end of time.


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