Domestic Violence Lawyer La Canada Flintridge

Domestic Violence Lawyer La Canada Flintridge

Looking for a one of a kind Domestic Violence Lawyer La Canada Flintridge? Have you been charged with child abuse, rape, sexual assault or any other violent crime? The Domestic Violence Lawyer La Canada Flintridge is a dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers working to get your charges reduced and dismissed. Our attorneys have extensive experience defending clients against serious misdemeanor and felony charges throughout Los Angeles County.

Esfandi Law Group offers free consultations for anyone who has been charged with a crime at 844-776-5291. We represent clients in criminal cases such as:

·          Driving under the influence (DUI)

·          Drunk driving

·          Drug crimes, including possession of illegal drugs and prescription fraud

If you have been arrested for domestic violence contact our Domestic Violence Lawyers immediately to discuss the details of your case. As a La Canada Flintridge Domestic Violence Lawyer, we know that there are certain steps to take when facing domestic violence charges to ensure the best possible outcome. This means working with experienced investigators and hiring the right defense lawyer who has a proven track record for success in these types of cases.

Our quality criminal defense ensures you will be properly interviewed and investigated before your next court date; this is especially important when dealing with domestic abuse accusations. We also do our part to protect victims’ rights and safety while zealously defending your interests throughout every step of the legal process. The Domestic Violence Lawyer La Canada Flintridge wants you to understand that just because you have been accused of a crime as serious as child molestation or rape, it doesn’t mean you will be found guilty after a trial.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyers know that many abuse allegations are false claims made in an attempt to gain advantage in family law proceedings such as child custody disputes, divorce hearings and other personal matters. Our lawyers go the extra mile to protect you from overzealous prosecutors and aggressive opposing counsel looking for a quick win at all costs in criminal court. Abuse can take on several forms such as physical violence, emotional or psychological mistreatment and even sexual misconduct by force or threat of force. In California, people have been charged with domestic violence when there is evidence of any type of “offensive touching.” This means that if your hand accidentally brushes against someone while reaching for something else it can be considered

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Posted on August 27, 2021 in Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles

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