Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California

Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California


Thank you for your interest in Esfandi Law Group the Premier Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California service. Domestic Violence is one of the most common crimes in Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California. Domestic violence can take many forms, but it generally means you are hurting or endangering the one you love. Domestic Violence usually occurs in relationships where the parties live together or have lived together in the past. Domestic Violence is a serious matter and should be dealt with right when it happens. Call Esfandi Law Group Today. Domestic violence includes child abuse, elder abuse, neglect and other forms of Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California. Domestic violence can be charged under Penal Code 273d (child endangerment), Penal Code 368 (elder abuse), Penal Codes 273a (child abuse) or Domestic Violence cases. Domestic Violence is defined under Penal Code Section 13700 Section of the California Domestic and Sexual Violence laws. Domestic violence is a broad term that means hurting someone you are in relationship with…

Domestic violence is a much wider subject than most people think about initially. Domestic violence is generally about force and coercion, so it’s not only physical force but also emotional or psychological force that would qualify as domestic violence. Some examples of domestic include:

– Throwing objects at another person,

– Pushing or shoving another person;

– Pulling the hair of another person;

– Slapping, hitting or kicking a partner;

– Taking away a partner’s car keys so that he/she cannot leave the home;

– Restraining a partner from leaving the house; and


Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California – DV Experts

 Thank you for your interest in learning more about our law firm for the past two decades we’ve been an industry leader when it comes to domestic violence cases in Bellflower California.  We know you have many options when it comes to seeking the help and the advice of domestic violence Atty.  We can assure you that no one has been as successful as us.  We will do whatever it takes to make sure that you prevail in your case.  Domestic violence is no laughing matter and is ruined many people’s lives we hope that we can pull you out of the fire and keep your life manageable so you can worry about doing your job making money and providing for your family as opposed to having to worry about jail time among other things.

We’ve been able to transform people’s lives by keeping them out of the system and out of jail.  No matter how bad your case may sound to you I can assure you that we’ve heard worse.  More often than not were able to get these cases reduced for felonies to misdemeanors or outright dismissed.  If you’ve already paid fines are worried about the fines we also assure you that will get you the best deal for your finds many of the times we can convince the judge that financal stresses what caused all this.  With the pandemic raging and more more folks unable to pay their bills the stress can get very own tolerable will make sure that we give you the best options and the best choices available to you so that you and your family can flourish. We look for to helping you the most support than you can do now is take advantage of the time that you’ve been given an address this issue today please reach out to one of our attorneys and will go out of our way to make sure that you’re given all the help you need in order to succeed thank you for considering us and we hope to hear from you soon.


– Using threats to force someone to do something. Domestic violence also includes forms of Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California abuse like rape and sexual assault. Domestic Violence is against Domestic Violence laws in Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California. Domestic violence is not just about physical harm—it can be emotional as well, including verbal attacks upon a victim, such as belittling them or continually putting them down. Domestic violence does not have to mean that you are hitting them to be doing serious damage to their well being. Domestic Violence is Domestic Violence Attorney Bellflower California. Domestic violence can be charged as Penal Code 273.5 of the Domestic Violence Penal Code or 236 Domestic Battery Penal Code . Domestic violence can also include harassment and stalking as well, Penal Code 646.9 PC Stalking . Domestic violence is Domestic Violence charges in Domestic Violence cases.

Domestic violence means committing a violent act against someone who:

– you are married to;

– used to be your husband or wife;

– used to be your fiance;

– has a child with you;

– lives together with you (when it’s not part of a “parenting plan”); or

– used to live with you

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