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Domestic violence has become an all too familiar term in today’s society. Domestic violence is any form of physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional harm inflicted on one individual by another within the confines of a romantic/intimate relationship. Domestic violence can be either criminal or civil in nature depending on the jurisdiction; criminal domestic violence cases are charged by the state and handled by prosecutors whereas civil domestic violence lawsuits are most often brought before a court by one individual against another to obtain remedy such as injunctions, restraining orders, etc. Domestic violence is one of the key issues being addressed during October which is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

         If you have been accused of committing a crime against your spouse or significant other then you need to consult with an Domestic Violence Lawyer Bell Gardens. Esfandi Law Group will be sure to be your advocate for your best defense or get you the protection you need from an abusive spouse. Domestic violence has serious consequences. Domestic violence charges can result in jail time, probation, fines, counseling and a permanent criminal record. If you have been arrested for domestic violence then Esfandi Law Group Domestic Violence Attorney Bell Gardens is ready to provide the defense or advocate that you need. Domestic Violence Criminal Defense

         Domestic violence allegations are taken very seriously by judges and law enforcement officers alike because of the nature of abuse victims who seek protection from their abusers as well as the prevalence and severity of physical harm inflicted upon them.  As a Domestic Violence Lawyer Bell Gardens.

Domestic Violence Attorney Bell Gardens – Future Implications

One of the most commonly overlooked issues revolving around your domestic violence case is the future implications of can have on your family, your friends, your job, anything of great importance in your life.  These types of issues seem to be a recurring theme in someone’s life if they were found guilty of the domestic violence case.  The best thing you can do today is call our law firm in schedule meeting.  The story that was related to us recently by someone who went with a different law firm was nothing short of a horror story. Our client who is now seeking our help and needs an expungement of the domestic violence case from the record was denied entry into Canada because the domestic violence case.  This trip had been planned for years and was was going to make our client millions of dollars. Our client and had to explain that they were denied entry for previous criminal charges thus killing the deal. If this client of ours would’ve gone with us to represent them before they lost their case this all could have been avoided. This client of ours who is indeed an actor learned the hard way dont be foolish and learn hard way.  There are many avenues that you can take before you were found guilty they can either get the case dismissed or pleated down to a misdemeanor. Call us today so we can begin to explore all these options on your behalf thank you could hope to hear from you soon.

If you have been arrested for Domestic Violence or accused of Domestic Violence and your spouse has filed a Domestic Violence Restraining Order you should hire an Domestic Violence Attorney Bell Gardens. Esfandi Law Group will provide the Domestic Violence Defense that you need. The Domestic violence lawyers at  Esfandi Law Group are available to provide legal representation 24 hours a day 7 days per week in all domestic violence matters. We can help with Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Orders, Criminal Court Cases, Civil Court Cases, Restraining Orders, Divorce and Child Custody Issues related to Domestic Violence Lawyer Bell Gardens. If you find yourself in trouble with the law due to charges of Domestic Violence then contact the best Criminal Defense

         Domestic violence is a crime and it’s important that you retain an Domestic Violence Attorney Bell Gardens as soon as possible. Domestic violence charges in California can include felony or misdemeanor crimes depending on the circumstances involved; misdemeanors usually carry a sentence of less than one year in jail while felonies may have sentences exceeding one year if convicted. In Domestic violence cases, there are two parties who will need representation: the Defendant (the person charged with committing domestic abuse) and the Plaintiff (the victim). If you have been accused of Domestic Violence then speak with Esfandi Law Group Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Attorneys today!

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