Domestic Violence Attorney Beverly Hills

Domestic Violence Attorney Beverly Hills


Everybody has seen someone yelling at their spouse or even hitting them after a fight. However, that does not mean you should jump to conclusions that is domestic violence when it may just be a one-time incident between two people who love each other and are trying to work through an argument they had. Beverly HIlls Domestic Violence Attorney says there could be several reasons why the couple is having domestic violence issues.

Concerned family members or friends must look for patterns before claiming someone is being domestically abused. Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Lawyer says once you see those red flags, Beverly Hills DV lawyer says the next step is contacting the police department because every victim of domestic abuse is entitled to have documentation of this situation in case they need later down the line. Esfandi Law Group has seen it all when it comes to Domestic Violence Attorney issues. We will always go out of our way to make sure you get the care you need and the service you deserve. Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Lawyer Beverly HIlls is a call away for Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney Beverly HIlls.

Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney Esfandi says Beverly Hills Domestic Violence cases can also be a more complicated matter if the abuser is wealthy or in a higher position of power. In other words, you must really think carefully before making any accusations against such an individual because it might seem like they have endless resources to fight back with.

Domestic Violence Attorney Beverly Hills – The Pandemic and its effects (Covid19)

 The we understand how difficult the covid 19 pandemic has been.  For many of those in Beverly Hills that included the yearlong lockdown the inability to go to a gym reading your favor bar restaurant to blow off some steam. When you couple that situation with lack of funds were financial disruptions to the covid 19 pandemic, the situation could get dire very quickly. No one understands is better than our law firm will do whatever we can to make sure that you get the defense that you need.

We work closely with the Beverly Hills District attorney’s office every single day.  Their many options and avenues that are available to us to ensure that you get the defense and the representation that you need.In many cases were able to get the charges dropped are dismissed because we can convince the witnesses and the accuser to not go through is testifying against you in open court.

Generally speaking it’s our experience that if there are no witnesses and no accuser the district Atty. many times over the case out.  If this type of scenario was not available to you there also other avenues and we can take to lower your charges from a felony to a misdemeanor or to accept a plea bargain that has no jail time and no fines.  We will explore every option and will go back to you every step of the way to keep you informed.  No matter what happens you can be sure that you were safe with us we will work with you to ensure that you get the best deal the best representation and that we present the facts and the best light possible.


The bottom line is that Domestic Abuse is serious and should never be taken lightly. If there are immediate concerns about your safety call 911 but if you do not need help right now then contact Domestic Violence Lawyer Beverly Hills Esfandi at 844-776-5291 or visit for more information. Domestic abuse is not limited to physical violence. We are here to help and will make sure that your side of the story is heard. Domestic Violence Lawyer Beverly Hills Domestic Violence Attorney Beverly HIlls Domestic violence does not discriminate. Domestic Abuse is present in women and men relationships as well as same-sex relationships. Domestic Violence Attorney, Domestic abuse can come in many forms such as emotional, sexual, physical or financial. Sexual Abuse: This type of abuse includes rape or any form of forced sexual activity at any point during a relationship.Give us a call today so can start planning your defense.  Time is of the essence and the more time you waste the more likely you will see a negative outcome from this case.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Beverly Hills Domestic violence can also include depriving someone from access to the necessities of life such as withholding money or food. It can also involve stopping someone from seeing their friends and family by removing their car keys or telephone privileges. In some cases it might even involved making threats to hurt someone’s pets if they do not comply with the abuser’s demands Domestic violence can be extremely dangerous for victims as it often escalates over time. Domestic Violence Attorney Beverly Hills Domestic Abuse is about having power and control in a relationship. Esfandi Law Group will make sure you are protected during this difficult time.

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