Domestic Violence Attorney Pomona

Domestic Violence Attorney Pomona

Domestic Violence Attorney Pomona


When you are in the middle of Domestic Violence, it can seem as though there is no way out. The abuser may be constantly threatening and attacking you, or even worse: your children. You might feel like the Domestic Violence Lawyer Pomona doesn’t care about your situation, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! When we help Domestic Violence victims with their legal needs, our first priority is protecting them and ensuring they have a safe place to live without fear of violence. This blog post discusses what Domestic Violence law entails and how it applies to California state laws for PC 273.5 Corporal Injury cases. Domestic Violence Attorney Pomona can help you with Domestic Violence cases, especially PC 273.

Seppi Esfandi and Esfandi Law Group is your premier domestic violence attorneys. No matter where you are at in the process or how bad it seems we can help. Domestic Violence cases can be tricky, but we have won Domestic Violence cases for many years. If you are in need of Domestic violence attorney Pomona or Domestic Violence lawyer Los Angeles contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let our experienced domestic lawyers help you!

-Domestic violence occurs when one person is getting abused by their romantic partner, someone they live with, care about or were previously involved with romantically -This includes any type of abuse from emotional to physical -Partners who drink excessively may also become abusive -Domestic violence is not just a Domestic Violence Lawyer Pomona problem: it can happen to anyone anywhere -It’s important to remember that Domestic Violence does NOT always include physical abuse, although when it does become an issue of Domestic Violence

-Many victims are often unaware they are in Domestic Violence situations because the abuser may have been emotionally manipulating them for so long -There are many warning signs your partner might be abusive or could potentially turn into an abuser. In general, abusers use fear and intimidation tactics as well as insults designed to make you feel stupid or unworthy. They also try to separate you from friends and family members who care about you and would help if asked

Seppi Esfandi has over 30 years of legal experience defending these types of cases.

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Posted on August 28, 2021 in Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles

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