Domestic Violence Lawyer Redondo Beach

Domestic Violence Lawyer Redondo Beach

Domestic Violence Lawyer Redondo Beach

Seppi Esfandi Attorney at law is the best Domestic Violence Lawyer in Redondo Beach, CA. Trustworthy and knowledgeable, Seppi Esfandi has been practicing for 20 years and has handled over 1000 cases of domestic violence crimes. A PC 243(e)(1) lawyer, his firm defends people accused of a crime or offense related to family abuse or spousal abuse.

Domestic violence cases are challenging and require an aggressive defense. Trust Seppi Esfandi to deliver the results you need in your Domestic Violence case, he is a PC 243(e)(a) attorney who provides many free services including consultations that help answer questions about getting bail reduction or domestic violence restraining order hearings set up for his clients. He has been recognized by Super Lawyers as one of America’s Top 100 Criminal Defense attorneys because of his high level success rate.

Seppi Esfandi defends people accused of misdemeanors such as violating a protective order under Penal Code Section 273. Violating a restraining order can carry serious consequences so it’s important not to take this charge! Depending on what county they are accused of PC 243(e)(a) in, defendants can face up to four years in prison. Trust Seppi Esfandi for your Domestic Violence Lawyer Redondo Beach since he has handled 1000+ domestic violence cases and knows how the system works best. For the past 2 decades we have been delivering amazing quality services. We can help you tell your side of the story and mount a legal defense that will make sure you avoid jail time. One call and you may be well on your way to getting your life back to normal. Don’t let a few bad choices ruin the rest of your life. We will do whatever we have to give you a one of a kind defense.


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