Domestic Violence Attorney Monterey Park

Domestic Violence Attorney Monterey Park

Thank you for going out of your way to take time and find our web site.  Our law firm is the most experienced law firm in L.a. County.  Not only are we experienced but we also winner cases or get them dismissed.  A domestic violence charge can play due to the rest of your life is a serious offence why bill as an amateur when you can go with a five star law firm like ours.

Seppi Esfandi is a Domestic Violence Attorney who has served the Monterey Park community for many years. He strives to help those in need but also does his best to protect their rights and freedoms. If you are currently being charged with spousal injury, Wilful infliction of corporal injury, or 243 PC Mr. Esfandi would be happy to represent your case. Give him a call today! Call Seppi Esfandi today and he will get started creating your legal defense.

When a person is charged with spousal injury, Wilful infliction of corporal injury or 243 PC the penalties can be severe. Seppi Esfandi represents clients in Monterey Park and across Los Angeles County fighting to protect their rights during this difficult time. If you have been arrested call him today at (844)776-5291for your free consultation! In cases involving spousal abuse there are often mitigating circumstances including mental health issues that need to be considered when determining charges and sentencing. Protecting yourself from unfair criminalization may require legal representation by an experienced attorney who understands Domestic Violence laws . Call Seppi Esfandi today for your free case review if you have been charged with spousal abuse or domestic violence. Call our Domestic Violence Attorney Monterey Park services today and avoid jail.

Domestic Violence Attorney Monterey Park – Protect Your Rights

If you’re been charge of the domestic violence case refill the charges will be coming down soon the best thing you can do is protect your rights.  A negative outcome and a felony domestic violence case and actually strip you have many rights that people are very fond of.  If you enjoyed on ownership chances are you’ll be asked to turn over your firearms the local share for the local police department and the outcome of a negative domestic violence case.Another one of america’s pastime is politics.

Even if you’re a felon you’re able to run for office which will not be able to vote when it comes election day.  Not only that but a negative outcome and domestic violence case will play due for much longer than just one day a year.  Rest assured when its time for a promotion or if you’re running for political office you’ll be asked about the facts relating to your domestic violence case.Why would you trust this type of scenario with an amateur our law firm has hundreds and if not thousands of cases that have been successfully defended or the cases dismissed regarding domestic violence.  No one has much experience is we do when it comes to domestic violence cases in Monterey Park.  Time is of the essence and we hope to hear from you soon.  Please give us a chance to represent you in court and will get you a positive outcome and protect your rights.

Offenders are often charged under California Penal Code 243 (e) in cases where the accuser has suffered a visible physical injury. Even if there wasn’t intent to cause harm, an act of self-defense can be considered violent and criminal when it results in bodily injury. Seppi Esfandi is your local Domestic Violence Attorney who will fight for you while remaining sensitive to these important details. Time is very critical in cases like these. The longer these type of cases sit on DA’s desk the more likely they are to want to take you to jury trial. We hope we can avert any sort of negative action including a jury trial as they are quite time consuming.

When someone gets arrested they have just 24 hours to post bail before being imprisoned until trial date which could take months or years away from their life waiting behind bars! Don’t let this happen – call attorney Seppi Esfandi today at Esfandi Law Group (844)776-5291 so we can get started planning your A1 legal defense.


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