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Domestic violence is a serious problem that affects so many people across the country. Whether you are aware of this or not, and whether you know someone who has been affected by domestic violence or perhaps even you yourself have been in such a relationship, leading to abuse, it is important to understand what all this entails and how you can handle your legal rights in case such an incident occurs. There are quite a big number of women who come out every year with complaints of being abused by their partners. PC 591.5 is one such law that deals with cases where individuals accused of abusing another person physically or emotionally. Are you facing a Domestic Violence Attorney Montebello case? Esfandi Law is the firm to call.

PC 591.5 basically states that any individual accused of such abuse should be put behind bars without bail. PC 591.5 goes on to say that any individual who violates PC 591.5 will be subject to a misdemeanor offense if he or she committed the crime of PC 591.5 against his or her spouse, cohabitant, fiancé, former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend. However, in this case too bail should not be granted and they are supposed to appear before the court within 48 hours of being taken into custody by law enforcement agencies. PC 591.5 also states that all such offenses made out under PC 591.5 are considered as serious misdemeanors if the accused was found guilty of the PC 591.5 crime outside the mentioned group i.e.,

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The negative effects of a felony charge from a domestic violence case is no laughing matter.  Why take something so serious input in the hands of an amateur.  Our law firm has the most experience in Los Angeles County.  Not only are we the most experienced we also when the most cases have the highest win rate. One of most common questions we arrest by perspective customers is what separates us from other law firms and for us the answer is simple.  No one cares about your case as much as we do.  Although we do a large amount of domestic violence cases every single month we build a personal relationship with every single person that we represent in open court.

We will do whatever we can to make sure that you get a positive outcome in your life returns to normal quicker than you ever could have imagined. The best thing that you can do today is sit down with one of our attorneys and come up with a legal defense that makes sense of the facts that were reported to the police and levied by your accuser.  We’ll if you’ve already been charged with a domestic violence case chances are there’s a protective order it restricts you for speaking with your accuser however as a legal counsel we don’t have to abide by that rule and we can plead with your accuser directly to drop the case generally speaking we can draft a letter that tells the district attorney’s office that they no longer wish to testify are appear in open court. This is usually enough to turn the stomach of the district attorney’s office and make them fold up their tents and go home thus releasing you for any sort of negative outcomes case dismissed as the most optimal scenario as it’s the quickest and it’s one that we always work for. Give us a call today so we can get started planning your legal defense. We hope to hear from you asap because time is an important factor in cases like this.


other than those mentioned above but still bail is not to be granted and they are supposed to appear before the court within 48 hours. PC 591.5 deals with physical abuse which can include physically injuring a person belonging to some or all of the above mentioned groups, making them physically helpless in order to have sex, PC 591.5 also deals with sexual assault by restraining one from having sex without his or her consent, preventing them from resisting, PC 591.5 also deals with emotional abuse where one harasses another through repeated verbal and mental harassment e.g., threats such as “I will kill you” and “If you don’t do this, I will see that no one else ever marries you” is considered as PC 591. crime


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