Domestic Violence Attorney Hawthorne

Domestic Violence Attorney Hawthorne

For the past 20 years Esfandi Law Group has been delivering top notch criminal defense. We service many different area and types of law. We have an amazing track record of prevailing in most domestic violence cases. Domestic violence is a serious matter and if someone is accused of Domestic Violence it can affect their personal life, work life and future.

Domestic violence cases are prosecuted aggressively by the District Attorney’s Office and Hawthorne Police Department. It is important that you have an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney to represent you in your Domestic Violence Case.

“I am dedicated to protecting my clients’ rights when they are accused of Domestic Violence. I know how important this charge is for my clients because it affects them on many different levels.” – Seppi Esfandi Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence Attorney Hawthorne – The Most Experienced Lawyer

We know that you have many options when it comes to selecting a domestic violence lawyer.  You should go as someone who has a career winning record and the knowledge and know how to defend you against any type of domestic violence case that the prosecutor might bring against you.  We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to represent you.  We have over two decades of constant winning in cases being thrown out because of how we attack the prosecutor and the evidence that has been placed against you.  If you’ve been charge of the domestic violence case you’ll not be allowed to speak with your accuser however we are allowed to.

  Will draft up a letter stating that your accuser no longer wishes to continue filing charges against you and has declined to testify against you in open court generally speaking that is the worst thing that the prosecutor can actually hear will dismiss your case generally on the spot. We also fight to protect your rights.  If you’re found guilty of felony domestic violence there many negative things that will happen to you.  Many countries like and an expo will not let you and give a felony domestic violence case moreover if you own firearms you soon won’t.  The state of California at domestic violence charge means that you’ll no longer be allowed to own firearms you say you’ll no longer be allowed to purchase them and if you own a firearm got to turn it over to the sheriff or the LAPD. We know how to get you out of the scenario give us a call today and schedule time we can sit down and discuss with you the inns and the outs in the facts of your case.  Will put together a custom plan specifically fitted for your case please give us a call as time is of the essence we hope to hear from you soon.

Please contact Domestic Violence attorney Seppi Esfandi now if you or a loved one has been charged with Domestic Violence so he can protect your rights!

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– Domestic Violence Attorney Hawthorne

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Seppi Esfandi is an accomplished Criminal Defense Attorney and Domestic Violence Lawyer who has received multiple awards from his peers as well as clients. He has been interviewed and awarded on many occasions for this tireless defense of even the most difficult cases. Seppi will always be there for those he represents. When you use Esfandi Law Group you can relax because you are in the best possible hands. Do not put your life at risk by using some third rate Domestic Violence Attorney Hawthorne go with a name that is synonymous with winning go with Seppi Esfandi.


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