Domestic Violence Attorney Hawaiian Gardens

Domestic Violence Attorney Hawaiian Gardens

If you are being accused of domestic violence the last place you want to be is without a lawyer. We have a great relationship the district attorney in your city. We know the types of cases they are looking to prosecute. Give us one chance to setup a legal defense for you and we will make sure that your case is dismissed or plead down. We also can make sure that you have no fines attached to you.

There are many Domestic Violence Attorney Hawaiian Gardens services but not one as good as Esfandi Law Group Domestic violence is a crime that involves the abuse of one person by another, which can take many forms. Domestic violence can be defined as any behavior such as physical assault, sexual abuse, stalking, harassment, or psychological/emotional abuse between two adults who are in an intimate relationship (married or not) and where the offender’s conduct causes reasonable fear of harm to their victim. Domestic violence can also occur between family members or people related by blood. A domestic violence offense does not have to be an intentional act;

Domestic Violence Attorney Hawaiian Gardens – Pandemic Domestic Violence

Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to learn more about our law firm.  If you’ve been accused of domestic violence you should take that matter very seriously.  There can be dire consequences if you’re found guilty of a felony domestic violence case.  We will do whatever we can in our power to make sure that this does not happen.  The covid 19 pandemic that has been raging for the past 500 days has made our caseload increase immensely.  Domestic violence is it an all time high in L.A. County because people are not allowed to leave their home go to work or conduct business per usual.  These types of actions can be very stressful.You need to keep in mind that if you’re found guilty of the domestic violence case.  You could lose many of your personal liberties.  The average time a prosecutor will seek for you to spend behind bars and a felony domestic violence case is anywhere from one year to five years. Once you’re found guilty of a felony domestic violence case you’ll make finding a job or getting promoted at your job nearly impossible.  If you’re the type of person who loves to travel on vacations around the world many countries will not allow into their country if you have a felony domestic violence case on your record. Once you’re convicted of domestic violence case you’ll be unable to own a firearm in the state of California.  Many of the times if you’re already a firearm owner you be forced a turnover your guns.  Will do whatever we can to protect are second amendment right.  The mother downside is if you’re found the political process you’ll no longer be allowed to participate is as a felon you no longer can vote

rather it can include acts that one may not realize are abusive due to being out-of-control, frightened or feeling threatened. Domestic violence offenders often believe they have the to control their victims’ choices and wish to use this power over them. If you find yourself in a situation that sounds similar to this you should contact Esfandi Law Group. Domestic violence is a serious crime and should not be dealt with lightly. Domestic violence accusations can lead to criminal charges, conviction, and prison time. Domestic violence offenders are also subject to restraining orders and community supervision programs such as probation or parole.

If you are suspected of domestic violence in your home state of California Esfandi Law Group Domestic Violence Attorneys will help you navigate the system so that you aren’t falsely accused, without legal representation the odds are stacked against you. Let Esfandi Law Group get you out of Domestic Abuse situation quickly with no jail time involved. Seppi Esfandi will go out of his way to make sure you get the outcome you so need and deserve. Call Esfandi Law Group and we will get started today making sure you are safe tomorrow

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