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Esfandi Law Group PC is a premier criminal defense team, specializing in PC 273.5 cases and domestic violence. They are also available to serve clients who live in Walnut CA.

If you have been charged with PC 273.5 or domestic abuse, contact Esfandi Law Group PC today to set up a consultation!.

There are no PC 273.50 cases too small or too big for Esfandi Law Group PC to handle, and they will be there every step of the way when you have been charged with domestic violence in California.

When looking for a law firm that is willing to fight hard on your behalf, look no further than Esfandi Law Group PC; their team has over 30 years of combined experience defending PC 273.530 charges throughout California! Whether it’s Walnut CA or any other city within Los Angeles County that you live in, do not hesitate to call them today at Esfandi Law Group (844)776-5291 if you need legal assistance!

Domestic Violence Lawyer Walnut – Important Procedure

I am sure that you know that, a domestic violence case can be one of the most stressful and time consuming issues that can happen to a person. You may not even know where to begin in terms of defense for your domestic violence case. The law firm of Seppi Esfandi can help you deal with all of the painful details and get you in a position to prevail. Esfandi Law Group and Seppi Esfandi the lead counselor has a tremendous record when it comes to winning or dismissing cases of this nature.

There is no better Domestic Violence Lawyer Walnut service than ours. If you have already been charged or think that charges are coming due to your interactions with the police and your spouse you should give us a call. I am sure that our firm will give you the best chance to win. An even better outcome would be if we got the case dismissed before you were in any real legal peril.


Domestic Violence Lawyer Walnut – Case Dismissed

Case dismissed are some of the greatest words you can here. A case dismissed means that it will never appear on your record and that you are completely out of legal jeopardy. If charges have been filed I am sure that a protective order has been places and you can’t contact your witness or alleged victim. If you can hire our Domestic Violence Lawyer Walnut law firm we can contact the alleged victim on your behalf. If we can convince or if the victim doesn’t want to testify you have a good chance. When a victim changes their story or we can inform the District attorney that they aren’t going to play ball the DA might drop the case all together. Seppi Esfandi has had a tremendous track record of getting these types of cases thrown out. I and the law firm look forward to giving you amazing results. Contact us today.


Esfandi Law Group PC: The criminal defense team specializing in all PC 273.530 cases and domestic violence!

Don’t hesitate, contact PC today at (844)776-5291 for a consultation with Esfandi Law Group PC in Walnut CA or any other city within Los Angeles County that you live in!

Esfandi Law Group PC: Hiring the premier criminal defense team specializing in PC 273.510 charges throughout California since 2000.Don’t wait to pick up the phone; call now for a consultation at Esfandi Law Group (844)776-5291 if you have been charged with PC 273.50 or Domestic abuse anywhere within Los Angeles County including cities such as Walnut CA when it comes to legal assistance from an experienced law firm that will fight hard on your behalf every step of the way then look no further. Esfandi Law Group has a winning record when it comes to Domestic Violence Lawyer Walnut cases.

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