Domestic Violence Lawyer Torrance

Domestic Violence Lawyer Torrance

Domestic violence is a major issue in the United States. One in four women will experience domestic violence during their lifetime, while one in seven men will experience it at some point. If you are currently experiencing or have experienced this type of abuse, then you should contact Torrance Seppi Esfandi for help with your criminal defense needs.

What is domestic violence? Domestic violence occurs when a person in an intimate or familial relationship uses physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, and other means to control their partner. This type of abuse can happen between any genders and within heterosexual relationships as well as same-sex ones. If you are experiencing this kind of behavior from someone who claims to care about you then it’s time for help with your criminal defense needs by reaching out to Seppi Esfandi right away.

How does the law define domestic violence? California Penal Code Section 273(d) defines domestic violence under certain circumstances where one individual inflicts corporal injury on his or her current spouse or cohabitant (someone they with). The code also includes stalking, threatening, battering, sexually assaulting an intimate partner and attempting to kill someone with the intent on causing bodily harm.

What are some signs of domestic violence? Domestic violence can take many forms including physical abuse as well as emotional or sexual misconduct. If you have experienced these problems from a family member then it’s time for criminal defense help:

– Physical Abuse – Being pushed, slapped, kicked or otherwise physically hurt in any way by your significant other is considered physical abuse under California law. This may include hitting during arguments if one party feels their life is at risk in any way shape or form.

– Emotional Abuse – Intimidation through fear using threats like “I’ll leave” or “you won’t see the kids again”. Using guilt in order to control a partner is also considered emotional abuse.

– Sexual Abuse – Forced sexual intercourse as well as any other form of forced sexual activity by one individual over another without consent can be defined under the California Penal Code. This includes fondling and molestation after being assaulted or threatened with further violence while physically helpless, unable to fight back, drugged or passed out due to intoxication. It’s crucial that you are aware of your legal rights if this has happened before getting help from Seppi Esfandi for criminal defense services when it comes to domestic violence matters. We would love to help you with your Domestic Violence Lawyer Torrance defence today.

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