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Seppi Esfandi and his staff at Esfandi Law Group are the premier law firm in San Marino and the surrounding area. Domestic violence can be a difficult charge to beat and you need someone in your corner who knows what they are doing. Seppi Esfandi has won some of the most difficult cases in this field and he will help you with yours. The staff at Esfandi Law Group is also dedicated to helping victims through their case as well, which gives them an edge over other firms that treat these like any other case or do not understand how important it is for emotional support during this time period.

Seppi Esfandi has been practicing law since 2000 He’s seen it all when it comes to domestic violence charges and he knows exactly how to beat them. If you hire our law firm you have now given yourself the best chance to prevail or get the case dismissed outright. We will do whatever it takes and take whatever avenues are available to us to give you the outcome you are seeking. Give us a call today and lets sit down and discuss the facts behind your case. Once we have a better understanding of your case we can set the plan in motion to get you the the desired outcome of dismissal or declaration of innocence by a judge and jury of your peers.


Domestic Violence Lawyer San Marino – Expert Domestic Violence Defense

One of the most common questions we are asked every day is what separates us from other Domestic Violence Lawyer San Marino law firms. The answer for us is simple. No other attorney gets as personally invested in these cases as much as we do. We truly can say that we care about every single case that comes into our office. Not only do we care but we will make sure you prevail if it even gets that far. Seppi Esfandi works very closely with the San Marino’s District Attorney office every single day.

Once we sit down and understand the facts behind your case we can relay them to the DA’s office and let them know that they don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of ever putting you behind bars. If you feel like a domestic violence charge is in the works get to us early and we can avoid all of the headache. If your case has already been submitted we can work with you and get it dismissed. One of the most common outcomes that we have had over the years is the story being recanted by the witness or the accuser just not wanting to end up going through with the charges. Many times if we draft a letter and have the witnesses and the accuser signing it your whole case can be thrown out. No testimony and no witness means pretty much lack of evidence and you can be on your marry way to a fruitful life devoid of setbacks from your domestic violence case.

Seppi Esfandi and his staff at Esfandi Law Group are here to help you through your case! You can find it on our website! Just like this one,

– Domestic violence crimes often result in serious charges.

– Domestic violence is an extremely sensitive topic and you need someone who will respect that during your case.

– Domestic violence cases are also very difficult to win, which is why it’s important that you have the right person on your side – Seppi Esfandi and his staff at Esfandi Law Group!

– Schedule a free consultation today with our Domestic Violence Lawyer San Marino so we can help you beat these tough charges! Let us take care of them for you while we give emotional support throughout this hard time period as well! Call Esfandi Law Group (844)776-52910 now or visit our website to learn more about how Seppi Esfandi will fight for justice in your domestic violence case! We are dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence as well during this time period so be sure to schedule a consultation with us and let’s get started on the road towards justice together for you!

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