Domestic Violence Lawyer Huntington Park

Domestic Violence Lawyer Huntington Park

Seppi Esfandi and Esfandi Law Group are the premier providers of domestic violence legal aid. No matter what type of a situation you find yourself in we can help. Domestic violence can arise in a relationship between romantic partners, between siblings or even parent and child. Domestic violence is any criminal behavior that occurs within the home or family environment. Domestic violence charges may include but not limited to:

        – Domestic Battery

     – Domestic Assault

       – Strangulation

        – False imprisonment (involuntary servitude)

               – Sexual assault by force

               – Violation of a restraining order Los Angeles

Domestic Violence Lawyer Huntington Park – Protect Your Rights Today

 Every single day people who commit domestic violence lose their rights. If you are found guilty of committing felony domestic violence in California you will lose many personal freedoms. Generally speaking the average time. The average time a prosecutor will request or submit to the judge is anywhere from 1 to 5 years of jail time. That is a significant amount of time. We hope that we can help you avoid this mess. Our one of a kind law firm will do whatever we can to get your case dismissed.

\If you are found guilty of a felony domestic violence case the chances are you will lose many of your personal rights. If you enjoy hiking or the outdoors chances are you own a firearm. The state of California will ban you from ever owning a firearm. If you already own a few guns you will be forced by law to surrender them to the LA County Sheriff or the LAPD. We can help you to avoid all of this together by getting your case dismissed. If you are the type of person who fancies international travel you will be unable to enter a few countries. Canada, Mexico as well as many countries in Europe will either deport you or not let you into the country because of the charges.

At best if you are convicted you might be allowed to explain the nature of your charges. That will entail you having to explain every single time you cross back and forth. This could mean a lengthy stay at the border each time you cross. If you and your spouse are splitting custody the family court judge will definitely add your domestic violence charges to the math of his decision. If you are found guilty of committing felony domestic violence you will also lose the right to vote in state and federal elections. It could be also be a huge negative for your chances of finding employment. You will have to explain to the HR department as well as your job recruiter the nature and facts surrounding your DV case. The easiest way to avoid all this is to get your case dismissed. If you can give us a call today so we can sit down and discuss the nature of your case. We will work side by side with you to make sure you get the justice you need and deserve. Thank you for learning more about Esfandi Law Group.


At Esfandi Law Group we have successfully defended hundreds of domestic violence cases throughout California. We know how to defend against these charges and are here to help you put this situation to bed once and for all. If you have been arrested for any of these charges, or any other domestic violence offense, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. The primary police agencies that investigate these types of crimes are:

                        – Los Angeles Police Department

            Domestic Violence Lawyer Huntington Park

                   We also understand how a domestic violence case can affect the rest of your life. You may be worried about immigration laws and disciplinary actions at work and school. Let our team take care of all the details while fight for your good name. If there is anything we can do to help make this situation easier, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We have heard it all and have represented some of the most difficult cases in Los Angeles history and prevailed. Even if you find yourself in a situation that is beyond hope we can certainly help.


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