Domestic Violence Lawyer Azusa

Domestic Violence Lawyer Azusa

Domestic Violence Lawyer Azusa

Do you need a domestic violence attorney in Azusa? Do not hesitate and get Esfandi Law Group. We can help you with false imprisonment, DV abuse, etc. We can assure that we will do our best to resolve your case.

Domestic Violence Attorney Azusa

If you are suffering from false imprisonment or being intimidated by false imprisonment as a result of Domestic Violence then the best way is to hire an attorney who knows criminal defense law inside and out. The false imprisonment charges carry potentially harmful consequences including jail time and fine.   Therefore, an accused needs immediate legal assistance. A false imprisonment charge is primarily based on the facts of the incident when it took place therefore, hiring a competent false imprisonment lawyer in Azusa will be beneficial for you no matter what phase of your case you are in. We have an amazing record of prevailing in any and all of our domestic violence Azusa cases.

If false imprisonment charges have been filed against you in Azusa, then call Esfandi Law Group at (844)776-5291. We will provide a free case review and consultation for false imprisonment in Azusa.

A false imprisonment attorney may challenge the prosecution on any of the following grounds:

•               The arrest was not legal;

•               The police did not have the necessary probable cause to believe that false imprisonment took place;

•               No false imprisonment occurred; and/or

False Imprisonment Attorney in Azusa California

Did you know false imprisonment is a criminal act or offense? If yes, then it does not mean that false imprisonment is easy to prove. On the other hand we have been able to prevail in some of the most difficult cases in Azusa history. Please give us one chance to represent you and we will get you the protection you need or we will mount the defense that could save your life and well being. Trust Esfandi Law Group and we promise we will give you the best chance to prevail. If false imprisonment charges have been brought against you in Azusa, then call Esfandi Law Group to schedule a free consultation and case review.Call our law firm today click the link. Domestic Violence Lawyer Azusa

False imprisonment can be defined as unlawful restraint of a person or an individual without that person’s consent or the legal authority to detain him/her. False imprisonment is taken as any intentional act by which an accused coercively confines another individual without his/her consent or valid justification for doing so. It is important to note that false imprisonment does not require physical force but rather needs only the acts or words of false imprisonment from the defendant that induce fear of false imprisonment in the mind of the specific victim. It can also be expressed through gestures, signs, stances, behaviors etc., Sometimes false arrest might take place if that happens you need to contact Esfandi Law Group Today.


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