Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu

Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu


Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu

for the past 20 years Seppi Esfandi has been winning criminal defense case after criminal defense case. He has had some of the toughest cases and prevailed because he will fight for you. Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu is the best. Domestic violence case after Domestic violence case, Seppi Esfandi has been winning them for years and will fight to win yours too!

Domestic Violence False Imprisonment PC 236 cases are some of the toughest because it’s a he-said she-said situation that juries want proof on. But with 20+ years experience; Domestic Violence false imprisonment can be won at every turn through trial if necessary. Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu knows what needs to be done in order to get you out of these charges as quickly as possible while still giving your defense all angles against the prosecution who may not have their own facts straight or even know how they happened in court today. This gives Domestic Violence false imprisonment PC 236 cases a win in court. Domestic violence charges cannot be increased if you are able to get them dropped first by Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu before the District Attorneys Office even files it as an additional charge, which is exactly what happened for one of Domestic Violence Attorney Seppi Esfandi’s clients who was arrested on domestic violence and then later charged with assault; where Domestic Violence false imprisonment would have been filed against him too had he not gotten those charges dismissed! This prevents Domestic violence from being added later when they go to file their criminal complaint.

He has seen many Domestic False Imprisonment law changes over his 20+ years practicing experience while defending citizens accused of DV violations so don’t risk your freedom! Domestic Violence false imprisonment is a serious charge that can be filed against you under PC 236. His client was able to get the Domestic False Imprisonment charges dismissed after his Domestic Violence Attorney Malibu had done all of his investigation work and got in contact with all witnesses involved!

Domestic violence attorney Seppi Esfandi has experience representing clients who have been falsely accused as well so don’t worry if your case isn’t strong, he will fight for you through it no matter what type of Domestic Violence accusation or trial you are up against. When other domestic violence attorneys may give out due to complications; Domestic Violence false imprisonment attorney Seppi Esfandi is relentless when it comes down to defending those accused of assault

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Posted on August 28, 2021 in Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles

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