Domestic Violence Attorney Long Beach

Domestic Violence Attorney Long Beach

Thank you for your interest in our law firm we have over two decades of litigating high profile and difficult domestic violence cases.  There is no other law firm and the L.a. County area for Long Beach that knows how to navigate the types of cases that we do on a daily basis.  What separates us from other law firms is that we truly care about the outcome of each case.  We will do whatever we can to make sure that your cases dismissed when we get to go one with a happy healthy life devoid of any injury related to your domestic violence case. Give us one chance to represent you and you will be happy we did. We look forward to navigating this difficult time on your behalf and get you back to living.

When it comes to criminal defense, you can trust Esfandi Law Group. Whether you or a loved one has been accused of committing an act of domestic violence or if the police are investigating you for this crime, we will provide you with zealous representation and fight to protect your rights. Our legal team is led by Attorney Seppi Esfandi who specializes in defending individuals charged with crimes related to family law and domestic violence cases. We have decades of experience protecting our clients’ rights while they go through the court system and will do everything possible to ensure that justice is served on behalf of those falsely accused or convicted because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do you need a Domestic Violence Attorney Long Beach firm?

If you are facing criminal charges for domestic violence, it is important that you understand what these types of cases entail and what kind of punishment you may be facing if convicted. Many people falsely believe that misdemeanor domestic violence is a minor crime and not something worth fighting against or defending but they could not be more wrong. A misdemeanor domestic violence conviction can change the course of your life, impact your family or loved ones and put you in jail for a year or more depending on what state you are living in and the circumstances surrounding your case.

Domestic Violence Attorney Long Beach – Protect Your Future

The most important thing we can do for you as a law firm is protect your future. For been charged with a domestic violence case they can put your entire life on pause and make the proposition of the future scary.  In the state of California if you’re convicted of a felony domestic violence case you will lose your second amendment right.  Which means will never be allowed to own a firearm for as long as you live.  Imagine a situation were later in life you are involved in a fatal accident or you could have protected yourself had you have a firearm.  Situations like this plant across L.a. County all the time it would be the first time in something like that as happened.  This is just one of many negative consequences that can affect your life.  Please give us the chance to remedy for you as quickly as possible..  If you commit domestic violence against a spouse you may lose custody of your children.  If you lost custody of your children who will be there to care for them. All we can do is make sure that your case gets thrown out or dismissed or that your case gets pleaded down to a misdemeanor. We will do whatever we can to make sure that your case is tossed. We have a wonderful working relationship with the district attorney of LA county. We know what type of facts and information they are looking for when it comes to a case that they will want to take trial.


Domestic Violence Definition: Under California Penal Code Section 13700, “domestic violence” is defined as physical harm, bodily injury or assault that is committed by a person who is either the victim’s current or former spouse, cohabitant, fiancée, boyfriend or girlfriend. A parent can be charged with child abuse for willfully inflicting corporal punishment or physical injury on his/her child if it results in the child’s hospitalization or death. Call Esfandi Law Group Today to get started mounting your legal defense


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