Domestic Violence Attorney Lancaster


Domestic Violence Attorney Lancaster

If you are currently been charged with a domestic violence case we are here to help.  We have many offices located around Southern California or we can sit down and discuss the facts of your case.  Please be honest with us when relating information regarding your case.  If you are not will be unable to give you the type of defense that you need.  The worst thing that can happen is we show up for trial are a felony settlement conference and we don’t know the exact facts behind the case

Do you need a qualified Domestic Violence Attorney Lancaster ? Seppi Esfandi, the Domestic Violence Attorney will provide you with honest representation and dedicated service. Seppi Esfandi, the Domestic Violence Attorney is an experienced lawyer who knows how to win your case.

Seppi Esfandi is a highly experienced Domestic Violence Attorney Lancaster who has represented men wrongly accused of domestic violence and abuse for over ten years.  He knows how to handle these cases successfully. Seppi Esfandi, the Domestic Violence Lawyer is a great attorney that can help you in any legal problem related to domestic violence.

When you are falsely accused of domestic violence or abuse, it’s important you hire an exceptional Domestic Violence Lawyer Lancaster. This is because if you face criminal charges, this could have serious implications for your career, relationships and personal freedom.

Domestic Violence Attorney Lancaster – Protect Your Rights

It’s very unfortunate that a domestic violence case and actually result in the losing many of your rights.  If you loved traveling abroad chances are you can be deported or denied port of entry in many countries if you have a felony domestic violence case on your record.  We hear all the time of the folks were turned away from Canada or Mexico or even the United Kingdom because of a negative outcome and domestic violence case.  If you’re convicted of a felony domestic violence case in the state of California chances are you’ll lose your gun rights permanently.  Which means you’ll never be able to purchase a firearm again.  If you already own a firearm you’ll be forced to forfeit it to local sheriff or police department.  Don’t worry too much we work with the district attorney’s office all the time on matters such as these.Will do whatever we can to protect your rights.  Our unique approach to handling domestic violence cases usually an net us the win. If you’re already incarcerated and  you’re willing to stay behind bars for just a little bit of time we can get you released on your own recognizance and with zero fines and zero bond.  We look for to hearing from you soon.  And hopefully we can start planning your case is the fence today

Domestic Violence Lawyer Seppi Esfandi defends persons accused of domestic violence or abuse in Lancaster and surrounding areas. Seppi Esfandi is a Domestic Violence Attorney that knows how to win these cases. He can fight for you and give you the very best defense possible. In addition, Seppi Esfandi also represents clients who have been abused by their spouse or significant other with a retraining order . Under current retraining order laws domestic violence victims are able to get restraining orders against their alleged abusers without any proof of wrongdoing needed. These retraining orders often violate men’s constitutional rights since they limit where you can go, when you can leave your house and if you can call the police for help. These retraining orders are often given to abusive and manipulative women who wish to gain an upper hand in divorce proceedings by violating your rights with false claims of domestic violence or abuse.

Seppi Esfandi is a Domestic Violence Attorney Lancaster that will provide you with honest representation and dedicated service, Seppi Esfandi knows how to win retraining order cases. He has represented many men wrongfully accused of retraining orders violations and he knows what it takes to win these cases. Seppi Esfandi also represents clients wrongly accused of assault charges against their spouses due to retraining order violations.


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