Domestic Violence Attorney Arcadia

Domestic Violence Attorney Arcadia


Domestic Violence Attorney Arcadia


Domestic violence, or domestic abuse is a pattern of abusive behavior that can be used by one partner against another in an intimate relationship such as marriage, dating, family or cohabitation. Domestic violence can result from the abuser’s belief systems about power and control over their victims, personal needs for ego boosts and controlling their environment.

Abusers use physical force to harm or threaten their partners into submission  and domination. It may not always result in visible injury but often does which some abusers do it as a way to exert further psychological control on their victims.

Domestic violence takes many forms including: yelping threats; sexual assault; isolation from friends and family; denial of medical care or access to money; extreme jealousy and possessiveness. The Domestic Violence Attorney Seppi Esfandi is your one stop for all things Domestic Violence Arcadia. We can help you no matter the Situation. Call us today (844)776-5291.

Domestic violence is not limited to physical attacks. Domestic violence can also be psychological, emotional, sexual or financial. The abuser’s constant need for control over their intimate partner may include the abusers attempts to: limit their victims social contacts and activities; humiliate, threaten, harass or isolate them from others; exploit them financially; deny sex; destroy possessions worth having like family pictures or breaking down one’s self-esteem by undermining accomplishments in school or work. To those who are living with an abuser these actions can lead to feelings of low self-confidence, lack of trust in themselves and a deep sense of shame which can lead to depression and anxiety disorders.

To recognize signs that someone you know may be experiencing domestic abuse watch for these and if you feel a crime has been committed perhaps its time to contact Esfandi Law Group (844)776-5291.

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Domestic Violence Attorney Arcadia

– Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles

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